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Rights and Reproductions

In-house digital imaging, archival prints, photocopies, and permission to reproduce, publish, exhibit, or distribute these materials are available, for a fee, through our Rights and Reproductions department. For research assistance, click here or contact our Research by Mail team at researchbymail@hsp.org or 215-732-6200 ext. 222.

How to Submit a Request

HSP’s Digital Library is the central hub for all rights and reproductions communication and services. Just Login/Register with a new or existing Digital Library account to create image galleries, send and receive messages from our Rights and Reproductions staff, and purchase digital images and archival prints. For more information about creating an account, messaging, and other features, check out our FAQ.

Reproductions requests are also accepted via e-mail (rnr@hsp.org) and phone: 215-732-6200 ext. 333.

Reproduction Formats

Reproductions are available as both digital files and archival prints.  Our standard format for single-item digital reproductions is 300dpi 8x10 (minimum), 24-bit color, uncompressed TIFFs. Structured pricing is also available for higher-resolution digital files up to 2400dpi. Matte or glossy archival prints are produced in-house on a high-quality Epson color printer and are available in a variety of sizes, from 8x10 to 24x36.

Reproduction Costs

Costs for digital reproductions generally start at $25 per image for 300dpi, 24-bit color, uncompressed TIFFs. In addition, a $10 per item pull fee and $5 per file digital preservation and storage fee applies to most orders. Archival prints are priced according to size and subject to shipping fees. Finally, depending on how you wish to use the image, usage rights costs may apply.  

Usage Rights

Possession of a digital reproduction of HSP’s collection materials does not constitute permission to publish or exhibit. Usage rights fees may apply and vary depending on whether a reproduction is for an individual, non-profit, or commercial institution and how it will be used (personal research, publication, exhibition, etc.).

Exact Citation Photocopying

With an exact citation, HSP can provide a low-resolution color PDF or photocopy to be used for research-purposes only. The reproductions rate for PDFs/photocopies is $1.50/image. In addition, a storage fee is charged for each folder, box, or volume that is digitized. The storage fee is $15 for the first folder, box, or volume and $10 for each subsequent one. An additional shipping fee may apply. 

When submitting a copy request, please provide as much citation information as possible, including a title, author, publication date, and page number(s). For manuscript letters and other original documents, please include authors or correspondents, date, and collection references.  Items that are not easily identifiable will be referred to our Research by Mail service. Note that turnaround time can take up to six weeks, depending on the size of your order.

Member Benefits

HSP members are entitled to discounts on rights and reproductions services. Please consult the details of our membership benefits and be sure to mention your membership status and provide your member identification number before receiving an invoice.

We look forward to fulfilling your rights and reproductions needs.

Rights and Reproductions Department
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