Pero, Philadelphia, 1791

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Pero, Philadelphia, 1791

PAS Papers, Box 4B Manumissions
Miscellaneous cases considered by the Acting Committee, 1784-1821

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Philadelphia Sep 27, 1791
To whom it may concern, 
          The following is to certify that Mrs. Susanna Budd agrees to take one hundred & twenty pounds as compensation for the bringing up of her black man, Pero, that all monies paid to her on this account be in the presence of Thomas Harrison, or such other person as the Society for the Abolition of Slavery may nominate. That, for the sake of clearness, a book be opened & an account kept of said payments, as well as a Receipt given, to be lodged in the hands of said Thomas Harrison; __ & that, when the whole sum of one hundred & twenty pounds is received, She, the aforesaid Susanna Budd, will execute such Deed of Manumission, as will be requisite for the legal freedom of said negro man Pero.  A more particular account of the manner of the payments, by successive installments & of the conditions, in case that neither the said Pero, or any others for him, use their endeavours for making up the sum above mentioned, will be lodged with Thomas Harrison.  
                                                         Azariah Horton for Susanna Budd

The Conditions above referred to, are,
          First, that the monies earned, by the said negro man Pero, are not to be paid to him, but to Thos Harrison, or his [?], or such other person as the Abolition Society may appoint. 
          Second, that so long as the said Thos Harrison shall be able to save, from the wages of said negro man Pero, four pounds per month, & shall pay the said sum, so saved, to the said Susanna Budd or her Agent, on the first Monday, in each calendar month, beginning with the first Monday in November, next ensuing the date hereof, & so continue until the whole sum of £120 be paid, so long this agreement shall be binding & no longer.