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In the 1800s, Philadelphia was home to a vibrant African American community that stood at the center of antislavery and civil rights activism, before and after the Civil War. During this workshop, teachers will examine Underground Railroad sources at the Historical Society and then move to view “The Genius of Freedom” exhibit at the Library Company of Philadelphia (LCP) next door, discussing how to integrate primary sources into the classroom.


To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment, HSP has partnered with area institutions to host events based on  Read More


For those who may have missed its 2/17 premier, the full Genealogy Roadshow: Historical Society of Pennsylvania episode is now available for streaming.

Please click the image below to watch the full episode. And keep your eyes peeled for HSP staff (hint: look for the cobalt collared shirts)!


The genealogists visit HSP and discover some fascinating Philadelphia family history. One woman’s ancestor may have sparked historic labor laws; a pastor may have an outlaw in her family tree; a woman learns about slave genealogy and – with the help of DNA testing – gets the answer she has waited for; and another woman learns her ancestor may have helped others escape the Holocaust.

Genealogy Roadshow: Historical Society of Pennsylvania episode airs February 17 at 8 p.m. on PBS.


Hold These Truths tells a story, buried by history, of one American’s attempt to reconcile his love for a country that labeled him a second class citizen. Gordon Hirabayashi’s real-life 50-year journey brings us the astonishing facts of Japanese Internment, the US government’s orders to forcibly remove and mass incarcerate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast, through the eyes of a Quaker college student who was simply looking for love and the American Dream.