Beth A Twiss Houting

One of Beth's main responsibilities at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is educational programs. She organizes teacher professional development, oversees development of classroom resources, coordinates National History Day at HSP, and arranges for student visits to the library. She brings three decades of experiencing working with grades K12 in a variety of museum settings and has taught at the University of the Arts. Teachers and students should feel free to contact her for assistance with history education projects.

This Author's Posts

Need  some funds to do a classroom project or take a field trip?  Jeffrey Collins of Independence National Historical Park offers these grant ideas.


It's time to gear up for National History Day!  NHD in Pennsylvania is holding a Student Institute, sponsored by the Army Heritage Center Foundation at the U.S. Army Heritage And Education Center. 


During the Creating Thrift Curriculum Teacher Institute in July, 2013, the winners of the Teaching Thrift Curriculum Development Contest were honored.


We just updated our inventory of thrift materials!  It now includes additional primary sources related to Sara Louisa Oberholtzer, the Superintendent of the School Savings Banks. 


The Pennsylvania Task Force on Economic Education and Financial Literacy Education just released a joint report and recommendations with the Departments of Education and Banking & Securities abut the trends and needs in school-based financial education.  While financial literacy and thrift education are not the same, they are closely related.  Sign up NOW for the Franklin's Thrift Summer Institute to discover how you can use thrift lessons as a way to literacy  Be ahead of the curve!


Yes, teachers in the early part of the 1900s sometimes acted as bank tellers gathering deposits of coins from their students!


Students often don't see the connections between the past and present.  This blog entry  - from AARP! - actually may provide ideas for teens. 


With the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Gettysburg quickly approaching, HSP has posted a lesson plan which discusses the Battle of Gettysburg, using primary sources from its own archives!


Hit a home run with your students using sports to discuss historical issues!  With baseball season underway and the movie 42 in theaters, it's a great time to use the sports to discuss civil rights.  The story begins before Jackie Robinson was born though.


Philadelphia history can be used by teachers everywhere to explore many aspects of American history: