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Below is a sampling of some of the new genealogical and family history books that were recently cataloged into HSP's library. Check them out on your next visit, and be sure to click the links for further information on each from our online catalog Discover.


Several new books on or related to Pennsylvania's history were recently added to HSP's library. Below is a sampling of what's now available. The links will take you to our online catalog Discover where you can find more information and search for other titles.


Hello! This month I'm happy to present another round of transcripts from the George F. Parry Civil War diaries (George F. Parry family volumes, Collection 3694). If you're just joining us, several months ago, HSP acquired the diaries of Bucks County resident and Civil War veterinary surgeon George F. Parry. In that collection are three diaries he kept during the Civil War, 1863-1865, when he served with the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry.


A new group of ethnic history books were recently added to our library! Below is a sampling of some of the titles that are now available. You can find more information on each by clicking the links that will take you to these entries in our online catalog Discover.


A number of new biographies were recently added to HSP's library, and below is a samplig of what's now available. Click on the links to search for these and other titles in our online catalog Discover.


Here are some recent additions to HSP's reference section, which one of the sections of the library open to any researcher at HSP. If you want more information on any one of these titles, click on the links to go to our online catalog Discover.