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Looking for a possible research topic?  Two new finding aids have just been made available in the library and online:



At the end of every holiday season, I, along with millions of others exasperated celebrators begin to take stock of all the spending.  Where did you let loose your holiday funds this year?  If recent trends are any indication, most people did their shopping online.  Though brick-and-mortar stores saw many spenders as well, it seems likely that online shopping will continue to be a very viable (and preferred) choice for most shoppers.

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If you like animals and old pictures, then Pets-In-Collections might be the site for you!


Earlier this year, I posted about the end of the PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project at HSP. wasn't quite the end.   Earlier this month, Holly and Courtney, spent time finalizing the finding aids for the six collections that they and Michael and Celia processed during their months here from January to June.  It was very sad to see them go (for real, this time), yet what they left behind is nothing short of exciting.