Alicia Parks

Historical Society of PA

Alicia began as an Education Intern in January 2014. She received a Bachelor of Science in Education from UNC Greensboro in 2011 and recently completed a Master of Arts in History from Villanova University. She aims to create interdisciplinary lesson plans which allow teachers to incorporate history into their daily curriculum.

This Author's Posts

Interested in having your students work directly with primary sources? Then consider hosting a field trip to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania! Given our depth of documents,we offer a wide range of programs on-site for grades 4-12. When visiting HSP, students will get to see a wide variety of resources on a particular topic and the cost is FREE. Previous programs for students have focused on Yellow Fever, Civil War, Abolition, Immigration, and Political Cartoons.


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania has a huge collection of materials available for teachers relating to African American History. In our resource guide, we highlight several collections that are full of sources for teacher use.


As a part of Family History Days, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is hosting a genealogy workshop just for teachers on March 4. If you sign up for our Family History Days on March 6th and 7th, this workshop is free!


The new education initiative at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, HEAD for the Future, in partnership with Wells Fargo, includes professional development for teachers, with several fantastic events coming up. Our first event, here at HSP, is called Genius of Freedom exploring African Americans in Philadelphia before, during, and after the Civil War.


HSP is proud to announce an addition to our student mentor hours. Mentors will now be available for students Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-5:30 p.m. and Wednesday 2:30-8:30 p.m.


HSP is excited to host a Financial Literacy Teacher Workshop on February 7th, focused on teaching students of all ages fun ways to learn about ecnomics using Westward Expansion games and topics such as the Progressive Era. Lunch is provided to all teachers as well as a discussion with Keynote Speaker, Andrew Yarrow.


Do you believe that handwriting is a lost art? With today’s communication, it seems that handwriting is becoming less of a necessity. In our next workshop, on January 21st, HSP is proud to host Dr. Robert J. Mahar for a discussion on the history and present status of handwriting.  How necessary is it that children learn cursive and print?


This week, History Making Productions unveiled its new poster “Deep Roots, Continuing Legacy: Philadelphia in the Struggle for Civil Rights” that seeks to inspire and encourage people to be proud of Philadelphia’s history.


Here at HSP, our archives are filled with histories of ethnic traditions, and the holiday season is a great opportunity to discuss culture and tradition with students.  Italian-Americans are among the many ethnic groups of Pennsylvania with their own holiday traditions and teaching students about these different traditions is an excellent way to expand their knowledge of other cultures.


This fall HSP has been working to create more political cartoon lesson plans on topics such as Civil War, Economics, Big Business, World War I, and Immigration. We already have two unit plans available showcasing a very small group of cartoons for elementary and middle grades, and these new lesson plans will help expand our resources to the high school level with a series of topics and options for student use.