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Fondly, Pennsylvania is a joint blog of HSP's archives, conservation, and digitization departments.  Here you will find posts on our latest projects and newest discoveries, as well as how we care for, describe, and preserve our collections.  Whether you are doing research or just curious to know more about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at HSP, please read, explore, and join the conversation!

Author: Cathleen Miller

We have written a lot about process here on Fondly, Pennsylvania to let you know what projects we have in the works, but I realized that we have not kept up with telling everyone what we've completed.  There are 51 collections included in the Digital Center for Americana project, and at this point, 22 collections have been processed, conserved and digitized (in part).  I thought I'd share a list of those collections as a way to celebrate our accomplishments, and to give interested readers the opportunity to peruse our new finding aids and descriptions.

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Author: Elsa Varela

My role in the Digital Center for Americana Project is to scan items and enter metadata for these scans. This includes information on where the item is located in the building, who created it, what it is, and descriptive notes. In addition I enter the technical particulars of the scan itself, such as dpi and pixel dimensions. Early on in the project a decision was made to create metadata records on the box level.

Topics: 19th century
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Author: Cary Hutto

February 23 marks an interesting anniversary – the arrival of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.   His mission was to make amateur and unprepared American troops ready for battle in 1778.

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Author: Ashley Harper


Last Thursday evening marked the well anticipated opening of Duke Riley's exhibition about Petty's Island. For a long time this exhibition has created a buzz here at Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP). This is no doubt due, in part, to the multi-faceted nature of Riley's work which combines, historical research, creative interpretation, multi-media installations as well as trespassing and defacing of property.

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Author: Matt Shoemaker

Posted on behalf of Lee Arnold, HSP Library Director

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Author: Matt Shoemaker

This past Monday saw the official launch of the Digital Center for Americana project (DCA).  Only a small number of people were able to attend in person, so I thought it would be nice to share with you some of what those present were able to see.

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Author: Cathleen Miller

Listen to this WHYY radio spot about our Digital Center for Americana project.  Kudos to Peter Crimmins, who makes sure to mention that we cannot digitize all of our holdings.

Historical Society putting treasures on the Web

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