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New Indians of North America Collection Titles Added

Thursday, 2/14/13

If you're researching the history of the American Indian, HSP's library may have just what you need, including these new books that were recently cataloged.  Click on the links for more information from our online catalog Discover.

Biographical Dictionary of Indians of the Americas

REF E 89 .B56 1991

Buying America From the Indians by Blake A. Watson

KF 228 .J644 W38 2012

Incidents and Sketches Connected with the Early History and Settlement of the West

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 1

Shortest Route to California by J. H. Simpson

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 2

Battle of the Big Hole in August, 1877

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 3

A Great White Indian Chief

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 4

The Moki Snake Dance by Walter Hough

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 5

Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 6

Report of the Governor of Oklahoma

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 8

Indians of the Southwest by Harold and Delaine Kellogg

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 9

Ranching Days in Dakota and Custer’s Black Hills Expedition of 1874

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 10

The Prairie Schooner by William Francis Hooker

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 11

Early Days on the Western Range: A Pastoral Narrative by C. C. Walsh

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 12

This is Nebraska by Emma Boge Whisenand

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 14

The Battle of the Big Hole: A History by G. O. Shields

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 15

The Story of the Little Big Horn

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 no. 16

Report of the Commission to Locate the Site of the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania [2 volumes]

E 77 .I41 vol. 3 nos. 17 & 18

Prairie Sketches or Fugitive Recollections of an Army Girl of 1899 by Mary Katherine Jackson English

E 77 .I41 vol. 4 no. 1

Horrors of Indian Captivity by J. Marvin Hunter

E 77 .I41 vol. 4 no. 2

Sketches of Frontier and Indian Life on the Upper Missouri by Joseph H. Taylor

E 77 .I41 vol. 4 no. 3



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