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Friday, 8/3/12


donating genealogical material to Balch Institute

I have been researching my family history for almost twenty years. If I should pass on soon,I wonder what will happen with my material. Can you let me know if it would be accepted by the Balch?
thank you.

Balch exhibit Art & Religion, the Many Faces of Faith, 1997

Your exhibit in 1997 at the Balch and Villanova U. was (in lack of a proper adjective) moving, healing, exciting, educational, consciousness raising, etc. I framed the art of Lou Smith of his black pieta. I saved the catalog. Are you planning anything like this in the future? We need it. With the Dominic Brown cold blood murder and Trevon Martin's murder, we need it. Hope you consider my request.
Humbly submitted,
Regina Painter

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