The Multifaceted James Logan

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The Multifaceted James Logan

Tuesday, 9/16/14 5:30 pm - Friday, 10/10/14 10:30 pm

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street
19107 Philadelphia , PA

In conjunction with the conference, James Logan and the Networks of Atlantic Culture and Politics, 1699-1751, HSP will display a selection of documents related to the life of James Logan. Materials will provide a glimpse into the many facets of James Logan, including his personal life, his intellectual pursuits, his work as provincial secretary to William Penn and in the public sphere, and his role in Indian affairs.

Highlights include a map of the infamous Walking Purchase, William Penn’s Charter for Philadelphia with Logan’s marginal notes, chapters from Logan’s unfinished manuscript “Of the Duties of Man, as They may be Deduced from Nature,” plans for his house Stenton, and a courtship letter to his future wife, Sarah Read.