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  • Bender, Rose I. (1895-1964) Papers, 1929-1946. Collection consists of correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous items relating to Bender's activities in various Jewish organizations. MSS 020
  • Boonin Family Papers, 1908-1978. Collection contains family correspondence and documents describing the voyage and early experiences in America.  4S 137G
  • Cahn, Julius Correspondence, 1906-1921. Correspondence concerning theater bookings.  SC 127
  • Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Records, 1782-1861.  Collection consists of documents from the congregation's archives.  Microfilm, drawer 293
  • Florence Kohn Abrahams genealogical research materials, 1898-1975 bulk 1950-1975. HSP Collection GSP 020
  • Forverts (Forward), Philadelphia Edition Records, 1945-1960.  Records of the Philadelphia edition of Forverts4S 135 c-h
  • Francis, Gale Papers, 1945. A personal letter to Max Fallk, and a receipt from the Young Men's Hebrew Association.  SC 184
  • Hendricks Family Papers, 1758-1867.  Correspondence, financial records, and other papers of a Jewish family in New York City.  Microfilm, drawer 293
  • Hershey, Bernard (1886-1986) Papers, 1920-1985. Interview with Hershey conducted by one of his daughters and also includes material relating to his 100th birthday. SC 205
  • Hillquit, Morris (1869-1933) Papers. Collection documents Hillquit's personal, professional, and political activities. Microfilm, drawer 278
  • Hurshman, Abraham E. (1886-1973) Papers, 1943-1973. The collection contains an affidavit attesting that Hurshman is a naturalized citizen, photocopies of obituaries and a letter describing some of the family's history.  SC 093
  • Kaganov Family Papers, 1877-1900.  1 folder.  The collection contains travel and military certificates issued for the family, apparently for their immigration to the United States.  SC 245
  • Kaplan, Saul (1877-1943) Manuscript, 1890-1900.  1 folder.  This autobiography details his experiences during the voyage and working in Philadelphia after his arrival.  SC 172
  • Labor Educational Centre Records, 1936-1974. The collection includes documentation for the building, correspondence, and general administrative and financial records.  MSS 046
  • Lopez, Aaron Papers, 1763-1775.  The collection includes account books, daybooks, ledgers, shipping records, invoice book, miscellaneous correspondence, and other papers.  Microfilm, drawer 292
  • Lukas, Edwin (1902-1973)Papers, 1937-1973. The collection primarily documents Lukas' private life and his work with the American Jewish Committee from 1950 to 1968.  MSS 032
  • Marmarosher Jewish Center, Cleveland, Ohio Records, 1911-1966. The collection contains minutes and financial records, a program, and a dues book. Microfilm, drawer 286
  • Morning Freiheit Scrapbook, 1940-1941.  The collection consists of a scrapbook primarily containing items clipped from the Philadelphia edition of the paper.  SC 196
  • Newmayer, Henrietta Ulman Papers, 1905.  The collection consists of the wedding album of Henrietta Ulman Newmayer (nee Hirsh). SC  198
  • Northern Chevra Kadisha of Philadelphia Records, 1920-1933.  The volume contains minutes.  SC 103
  • Oestrer, Wechsel-und Passage Document, 1887.  1 item.  A receipt was issued in Philadelphia to Moses Wallenstein, possibly towards the price of passage to America.  SC 013
  • Paull, Joseph (1893-1966) Papers, 1932-1966.  Joseph Paull was a butcher and an influential member of the Jewish community in Philadelphia. The collection contains biographical material, correspondence, clippings, and awards.  MSS 044
  • Pythian Sisters, Beta Temple No. 180 Records, 1939-1954. This Philadelphia women's service group was affiliated with the Knights of Pythias. The collection consists of financial records. SC 143
  • Rachman, Bernard and JenniePapers, 1923.  The collection consists of papers related to Rachman's passage to the United States, including quarantine certificates and a visa.  SC 295A
  • Rubin Family Papers, 1893-1908. The collection contains documents pertaining to Rubin's immediate family, including birth certificates and Rubin's naturalization certificate. SC 240
  • Rubin/Root Family Papers, 1894-1950. The collection consists of papers from his extended Russian family. SC 239
  • Shaindele di Chazante (Jean Gornish) (1916-1981) Papers, 1941-1963. A liturgical singer, she performed Orthodox music in concert and on the radio. The collection contains correspondence, clippings, publicity and other printed materials. 4S 137a
  • Shamus, Isaac (1874-1956) Papers, n.d. The collection consists of Shamus' memoirs.  SC 236
  • Sherit Jacob Synagogue, Cleveland, Ohio Records, 1919-1938. The collection includes printed material and dues records. Microfilm, drawer 286
  • Silverman, Faigel Katz Papers, 1927-1965. The collection includes material related to the career of Silverman and the community activities of Mayer Katz.  4S 137c
  • Simon Iano, Mavra Papers, 1927.  The collection consists of two letters, one of which discusses rising anti-Semitism in Europe, particularly in Russia. 4S 137c
  • Slobidanski, Schulim Correspondence, 1915.  1 page.  This collection consists of a letter from a Philadelphia ticket agent verifying the purchase of a ticket to Philadelphia via New York from Libau by Slobidanski.  SC 238
  • Solis-Cohen, Emily Papers, 1930-1948.   The collection contains miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, poems, published articles, and memorabilia. MSS 019
  • Solis-Cohen, Jacob, Jr. (1890-1968) Papers, 1925-1960.  The collection consists primarily of correspondence relating to genealogical matters and to Solis-Cohen's activities with the Foster Home for Hebrew Orphans and other charitable organizations. MSS 014
  • Strick-Abramowitz FamilyManuscript, 1975.  The collection consists of a research paper on the family, taped interviews and transcripts, and related correspondence.  SC 234
  • Temple on the Heights: Hungarian Congregation, B'ne Jeschurun, Cleveland, Ohio Records, 1881-1920. The collection contains ledgers and minutes.  Microfilm, drawer 286
  • United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)This collection consists of a pamphlet for UNRRA and United Jewish Appeal to solicit donations for efforts in Europe on behalf of Jews displaced by World War II.  SC 201
  • Walinsky, Ossip (1886-1973)Papers, 1916-1973. The collection contains biographical material, correspondence and organizational records from the Pocketbook Workers Union and the International Leather Goods, Handbag, Belt, and Novelty Workers Union, and records from several Jewish organizations.MSS 039
  • Wendkos, Dora BarenbaumManuscript, 1940.  This narrative describes the journey of the Barenbaum family to the United States in 1893 from their village in Russia. SC 222
  • Whiteman, Maxwell (1914- )Papers, 1957-1968. The collection includes Whiteman's notes on Jewish calendars, two letters, and a flyer for his book Mankind and Medicine.   SC 117
  • Worst, Helen N. collection, 1930-1950. HSP Collection GSP 129




Newspaper, 1934-1970.  36 reels.  Published biweekly in New York City by the German Jewish Club, 1934-1940. "Nachrichtenblatt des German-Jewish Club."  Microfilm, drawer 320

Avotaynu : the international review of Jewish Genealogy

Serial  DS 101 .A87

B'nai B'rith Messenge

Newspaper, 1898-1913.  4 reels.  Published weekly in Los Angeles, California.  Microfilm, drawer 320


Newspaper, 1944-1958.  1 reel.  Microfilm, drawer 320

Chronicles = Divre ha-yamin

Quarterly, spring 1985- Balch serial

Fur Worker

Newspaper, 1916-1930.  1 reel.  Published semi-monthly in English and Yiddish. Microfilm, drawer 320

Jewish Chronicle

Newspaper, 1921-1943.  11 reels.  Published weekly in Newark. Miscrofilm, drawer 319

Jewish Exponent

Newspaper, 1887-1926, 1928-1955, 1979.  47 reels.  Published weekly in Philadelphia.

First issue preceded by "Prospectus." Microfilm, drawer 329

Jewish Journal

Newspaper, 1956-1971.  3 reels.  Published semimonthly in New Brunswick. Microfilm, drawer 317

Jewish Messenger

Newspaper, 1857-1902.  15 reels.  Published weekly in New York. In English, German and Hebrew.  Microfilm, drawer 324

Jewish Record

Newspaper, 1926-1950.  15 reels.  Published in St. Louis, Missouri in Yiddish and English. Microfilm, drawer 286

Jewish Voice

In Yiddish. Microfilm, drawer 262


Periodical, 1896-1907.  8 reels.  Published monthly in New York. Official organ of the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith. Microfilm, drawer 325


Newspaper, 1890.  1 reel.  Published weekly in New York City, "A Jewish Labor Weekly devoted to the interests of the downtrodden and oppressed Humanity".  In Yiddish.  Microfilm, drawer 325

Sephardic Bulletin

1928-1930. Monthly publication for the Sephardic Community of New York. Balch serial

Sephardic Home News

1951-, Sephardic Home for the Aged. Balch serial

United Synagogue Recorder

Quarterly, 1920-1929. Balch serial

United Synagogue Review

 Biennial, 1943-. Balch serial

Warheit Newspaper, 1905-1919.  37 reels.  Published daily in New York City. Some partial notices in English.  In Yiddish.  Microfilm, drawer 260

Yiddisher Kaempfer

Volumes 1-9, 1906-1920. In Yiddish. Microfilm, drawer 332

Yiddisher Pok

1894-1896. Published weekly in New York City. In Yiddish. Microfilm, drawer 333




  • Ohav Zedek Synagogue(Wilkes-Barre, Pa.), SPC 880
  • Eman-El Congregation, SPC 397
  • Keneseth Israel Reform Congregation (Elkins Park, Pa.), SPC 405
  • Temple Adath Israel (Merion, Pa.), SPC 399
  • Temple Beth Zion, SPC 398
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center South, Photographs, 1895-1935.  19 prints.  Group portraits of personnel, patients and facilities of Mt. Sinai and Jewish Hospital. V10
  • Bender, Rose I Photograph, 1939.  1 print. PG 029
  • Beth Israel Congregation, SPC 404
  • Cavalry Temple, SPC 403
  • Congregation Mikveh Israel, SPC 222
  • Congregation Rodeph Shalom, SPC 450
  • Fine Family Photographs, 1915-1975. 12 prints. PG 033
  • Forverts (Forward) Philadelphia Edition Photographs, 1920-1960.  22 prints. PG 040
  • Goldstein Family Photograph, ca. 1897.  1 print.  PG 011
  • Gratz College Photograph, 1920.  1 print. PG 144
  • Hershey, Bernard Photographs, 1984.  2 prints PG 274
  • Janowsky, Oscar I. Photograph, n.d.  1 print. PG 246
  • Jewish Publication Society Photograph, 1938.  1 print.  PG 145
  • Lukas, Edwin  Photographs, 1958-1968.  16 prints.  PG 121
  • Paull, Joseph Photographs, 1920-1960.  267 prints.  PG 129
  • Portnoff, Alexander Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  PG 285
  • Rachman Family Photographs, 1905-1974.  17 prints.  PG 038
  • Rakhman, Vitaly Photographs, 1970s.  10 prints.  PG 254
  • Rosner Family Photographs, 1900-1970s.  35 prints. PG 078
  • Sattinger, Alphonse Photograph, 1971.  1 print. PG 295
  • Silverman, Faigel Katz Photographs, 1920-1960.  19 prints.  PG 131
  • Solis-Cohen, Jacob, Jr. Photographs, 1923-1949.  36 prints. PG 061
  • Southwark School Photographs, 1918.  1 print. PG 273
  • Walinsky, Ossip Photographs, 1916-1977.  112 prints. PG 125
  • Whiteman/Eisenstadt Cabinet Portraits Photographs, ca. 1900.  45 prints.  PG 109
  • Workmen's Circle, Philadelphia District Photographs, 1937-1977.  40 prints.  PG 127
  • Zemil-Suttleman Family Photographs, 1890-1950.  32 prints.  PG 094


Two former Balch Institute tenants did not merge HSP: the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center (PJAC) is now at Temple University’s Urban Archives; the Center for Immigration Research (CIR) is at The Battery Conservancy in NYC.  Contact information: PJAC, Urban Archives, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA  19122 (215-204-5750); Center for Castle Garden Immigration,The Battery Conservancy, 1 New York Plaza, New York, NY  10004 (212-344-3491).