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Digital Collections and Exhibits Internship

Please Note: This internship is currently closed until further notice.

Position Summary:

The Digital Collections and Exhibits Intern will create physical and digital displays based on the Society’s extensive holdings on post-1865 Philadelphia theater history. The project focuses on the theater as contested ground: as an institution that both mirrors national trends and provides space for marginalized groups to contest dominant values. While much theater-based scholarship focuses on these factors, not as much attention has been paid to local conditions, as theater scholarship often conflates New York City for the national.

The student will gain experience in archival research and historical writing, as well as the basics of document preservation and display. By the end of the summer, the intern will be well-prepared for career opportunities in historical research and writing, and the digital humanities sector.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Selecting the historical material for digitization and inclusion in the exhibit
  • Digitizing the selected material
  • Creating metadata for the digitized material
  • Ingesting the images into a content management system
  • Creating a textual narrative for exhibits (both physical and digital)
  • Installing the physical exhibit, and creating the digital exhibit


The successful candidate is comfortable with emerging technologies and is eager to learn how to use new software and hardware. In addition, s/he has good writing skills and an interest in historical research. A student who is comfortable working in a collaborative setting will prosper in this internship.

To Apply:

To apply for these positions, please send all required information listed under "How to Apply" to Christina Larocco, Editor and Scholarly Programs Manager, at Please include “Arts Intern” in the subject line.