Correspondences of the JACL regarding National Committee for Redress

This is a collection of mailed correspondances of the JACL's National Committee for Redress:

  • Notes on 98th Congress, dated July 10, 1988
  • Letter from Anti-Defamation League to Sumi Kobayashi, dated November 11, 1985
  • Letter from Thomas Foglietta to Sumi Kobayashi, dated December 3, 1984
  • Letter to Senator John Heinz from Sumi Kobayashi, dated December 4, 1984
  • Letter to Studs Terkel, dated October 25, 1984
  • Letter to Eric Richard regarding Sen. Arlen Specter, dated October 28, 1986
  • Letters to Sumi Kobayashi from Grayce Uyehara