Primary Sources

Teachers, need a primary source to create a lesson in the classroom? 

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You can find the primary sources that used in the unit plans here where they are searchable by keyword, title, and topic.  

Besides an image of the source, on its page, you may also find ways to purchase copies for the classroom, a transcription, and its proper citation for inclusion in a bibliography.

Our digitized collection, however, is much bigger than this selection.  Be sure to search the Collection section of our website too.

And if you  need help reading old handwriting, there are many sources on line, such as this one from

This is a collection of mailed correspondances of the JACL's National Committee for Redress:

These are papers are correspondences from 1986 from the Legislative Education Committee of the Japanese American Citizens League from the collection of Sumiko Kobayashi.

This letter was written by Sonoko Iwata to her husband Shigezo Iwata on March 5, 1943.

This is a is letter from Shigezo Iwata to Sonoko Iwata dated June 18, 1942.

This is a letter sent by Sonoko Iwata to her husband Shigezo Iwata in 1942.

This letter was written by Sonoko Iwata to her husband Shigezo Iwata on April 10, 1942 while he was held in a Japanese Internment camp.

This is an undated photograph of two of Shigezo and Sonoko Iwata's daughters.

This is a photograph of Shizego and Sonoko Iwata from their family photograph collection.

This was a school class at the Poston War Relocation Center.

This is a photograph of Sonoko Iwata with her children, Masahiro, Misao, Miki, at Poston in 1942.

This photo is of the Iwata family: Shigezo, Sonoko, Masahiro (13), Miki (10), Michi (7), and Misono (4) in Seabrook, NJ.

This photograph shows four young girls sitting on a step at Poston.