1840s: In the 1840s fingerless gloves or mitts of knitted silk and outdoor gloves of tight kid leather were popular. Neck and waist ribbons were in abundance, sometimes with lockets or cameos attached. Either a gold watch or a gold pencil hung from a long watch cord or chain was very popular for girls and young women, as was wearing multiple rings.

1850s: Ribbons remained popular on necks, wrists, and bretelles. With ears at least partially showing, button style earrings became popular in the early half of the decade, with drop form earrings in the latter half. Jewelry made of hair – necklaces, hair pins, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watch fobs – was also very popular.

1860s: Wide belts with large buckles, large brooches at the throat, earrings and brooches with multiple pendants, cameos, and jewelry made of jet black or coral typified this decade. Neck ribbons were not as popular and were narrower. Gloves were gauntlet style, covering the wrists, and small purses were hung from the waistband.