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Before Stonewall: The Gay Pride Movement in Philadelphia

On July 4, 1965, 7 women and 33 men picketed in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.  On the very spot where Americans first asserted their rights and liberties, this small group of activists demanded equality for gays and lesbians. From these humble beginnings would emerge the Annual Reminder picket, one of the first organized gay rights demonstrations in the country.

An Artist Embedded: Unpacking a Psychatrist: 217 Boxes of Dr. Henry Anonymous

Playwright Ain Gordon unveils the first excerpt of his upcoming play exploring Fryer's story with a dramatic performance and conversation discussing Gordon's process - creating historical fiction from intensive primary source research - and connecting Fryer's address with the current fight for LGBT rights.

Rogues, Rascals, and Rapscallions

Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist presents “Rogues, Rascals and Rapscallions: The Family Black Sheep", in which she discusses how to sort through legal and other records and understand how to find and unmask those ne’er-do-wells in everyone’s family!

Act for the Relief of Gregory Thomas and Others

Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist presents “An Act for the Relief of Gregory Thomas and Others” – The Private Laws of the Federal and State Government, which discusses how many early and federal state laws were private laws written specifically for the benefit of individuals or families. These records can be a great find for genealogists.

Abolition and the Liberty Bell: Dr. Emma Lapsansky

Emma Lapsansky presents the changing meaning and scope of historical symbols, celebrations, and collections over time.

“Remember the Women”: Holly Holst

Holly Holst considers how people in the Women's suffrage movement made symbolic use of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. By so doing, the leaders of the suffrage campaign were able to link their pursuit of the vote back to the ideals of the American Revolution.