Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1854, 3

                             Feb. 1st 1854
Wm Jones arrived & was duly examined by J.C.W. and was boarded with Mr. Smith, Phila Institute and forward_  The history of this case was not written down at the time consequently a statement from memory is necessarily omited.
              Board                                                                                      1.00
              Cash                                                                                       2.00


                             Feb. 13/54
Solomon Brow [1] arrived per Ste C. of R.  He was born a slave in Va. in which State he had lived up to the time he escaped.  He is about 21 Yr’s of age_  dark compl. Rather under medium size, though in appearence exibits much physical vigor and is intelligent.  He was owned by Mrs Mary A. Ely whose deceased Husband owned him previous to her marriage.  He had mostly been hired out and for one in his condition fared tolerable well.  His last place of service was at the National Hotel, Norfolk.  For his time he paid his owner $10- per mo.
       Sol. was first prompted to escape in consequence of having been notified by his owner that he designed  to send him to North Carolina, as he would command a high price there. But

              3 days boad                                                                           $1.50
              Cash                                                                                       2.00
              Letters to & from Fugitives                                                            .40
              1 shirt collar                                                                               .12
                             Discount                                                                 $4.17

[1] Solomon Brown settled in St. Catherines, Canada West, soon after leaving Philadelphia in February 1854.  A letter sent by him to William Still from St. Catherine’s is reprinted in Still, Underground Rail Road, 163.

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