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HSP will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Central Fair with a special document display exploring patriotic crowd-funding in Philadelphia during the Civil War. 

In the summer of 1864, Philadelphia hosted the Great Central...

Press Releases


Philadelphia, PA —

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Central Fair with a special document display exploring Philadelphia's patriotic philanthropy. 

The display, titled “Crowd-funding in the Civil War: Philadelphia and the Great Central Fair”, runs August 19 -September 12.


PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Historical Society of Pennsylvania will collaborate with playwright and artist Ain Gordon to explore the intersections of history and contemporary life. Titled An Artist Embedded, Gordon will take the traditional “artist in residence” to the next level by becoming part of HSP’s programs development team over the next two years. This project is made possible by a grant from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.


Philadelphia, PA - Americans will “Raise it Up!” on Flag Day, June 14, and come together as part of read more


Philadelphia, PA - Francis Scott Key, a young poet and lawyer, was aboard a small ship in the Patapsco River as he watched the British fleet relentlessly shell Ft. McHenry. The battle continued for hours, while an enormous American flag waved proudly atop the fort. Key kept vigil through the night, catching glimpses of the red, white, and blue as cannons boomed. Inspired by the fierce battle and filled with patriotic pride, Key wrote a four-stanza poem that captured the hearts of the American public and is beloved to this day.


Philadelphia, PA – Benjamin Franklin is credited with publishing the first American political cartoon in 1754, but he was also one of first American political figures to be lampooned by subsequent cartoonists. This demonstrates the vivacity of American political cartooning: even illustrious Founding Fathers are not spared the cartoonist’s pen.