Revolutionary War/Founding the US

Our founding fathers and those involved in the Revolutionary War

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John Dickinson

    - Founding father who was opposed to independence

    - Abstained from voting on and signing the Declaration of Independence

    - Wrote “Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer” published in the colonies, in England and in France, which united the colonists against the Townshend Acts, prompting the occupation of Boston and the leading to the Boston Massacre

    - Member of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, wrote essays to promote the Constitution

    - Served as Pennsylvania governor


General Baron von Steuben

    - Officer in the Prussian Army

    - After years of searching for work, came to the colonies to work for the Continental Army

    - Trained soldiers at Valley Force, turning men into a real army

    - Organized, trained and prepared the army for battle, ensuring American independence


Benjamin Rush

    - Member of the Second Continental Congress

    - Signer of the Declaration of Independence

    - Founder of Dickinson College, Franklin College (now Franklin & Marshall) and the College of Physicians

    - Elevated the study of medicine in the US and made the practice of medicine more comprehensible and manageable.