Evan Birnholz

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Evan is an intern for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. He is currently working on the Greenfield Digital Project, which documents the key figures and organizations associated with the Bankers Trust Company, the first major bank in Philadelphia to fail during the Great Depression. He will be a doctoral student in American History at Temple University beginning in the fall of 2012.

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As an intern for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, I have been reading through the Albert M. Greenfield papers and researching the key figures connected with the Bankers Trust Company – a large Philadelphia-based bank associated with Greenfield which closed in December 1930. A couple of weeks ago, I came across some documents of Bryn Mawr College sent to Edna Greenfield (née Edna Florence Kraus), Albert’s wife from 1914 to 1935 and BMC alumna from the class of 1915.