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In 1961, US Supreme Court decisions that overturned racial segregation in interstate travel were largely ignored in the South. To challenge this status quo, more than 400 black and white Americans, called Freedom Riders, performed a simple act. They traveled into the segregated South in small interracial groups and sat where they pleased on interstate buses.

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To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, HSP has partnered with area institutions to host four film discussion events based on Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle. These documentaries feature riveting new footage illustrating the history of civil rights in America. Humanities scholars will provide context and provoke conversation about whether or not equality is ensured with the passage of new laws or amendments.  


Every year, millions of people around the world comb through books, scour newspapers, and thumb through manuscripts searching for information about their family’s history.

What starts small often becomes enormous. Many now-avid genealogists recall their humble beginnings – the discovery of a trunk full of photographs in the attic, or a question about a great grandparent’s country of origin.

For many, these humble questions blossom into a lifelong pursuit connecting them to a growing community around the world.

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