2019 Resources for the Theme

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2019 Resources for the Theme

This year’s theme, Triumph & Tragedy in History, asks students to view history through multiple perspectives. National History Day answers the biggest question: "Does every project need to include both triumph and tragedy? That depends on the topic you select. Look closely—most topics will include elements of both triumph and tragedy. History is inherently uneven, and there will not always be an equal split between the two sides. Do not ignore connections to both aspects of the theme when they exist, but do not force your topic to fit into both sides of the theme." 

For more detail on this theme, see the 2019 National History Day Theme Narrative.

We encourage students to consider topics that can be researched in local archives.  To help you pick out topics for which HSP has sources, view our video.  We particularly suggest you consider these topics, for which we have listed some primary and secondary spurces to get you started.

NHD Resources @ HSP Topic List

Alice Paul and Women's Suffrage Movement

The Winter of Valley Forge: Triumph and Tragedy in the Continental Army

The Underground Railraod: Triumph over Tragedy

Prison Reform in Philadelphia: Triumph or Tradge?

Japanese American Internment: Tragedy at Home, Triumph at War

Henry Ford: The Embodiment of Triumph and Tragedy

For more topic ideas, check out HSP's Catalog & Research Tools to see if HSP has anything to offer.  Researching the Collection Online for Students provides information on how to use Discover (online catalog) and the Digital Library.