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Stories from the Archives: Frances Harper - Abolitionist

Tiffany Player, PhD candidate at Washington University in St. Louis, discusses an early black female abolitionist, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, and her work during the 19th century.

Traditional Irish Music by Blackthorn

John McGroary, Michael Boyce, and John Boyce of Blackthorn performed traditional Irish music after the Leaving the Emerald Isle event on 11-11-14 at HSP.

Leaving the Emerald Isle

During the mid 19th century, large numbers of Irish citizens made the perilous journey to America with the the hopes of escaping poverty, famine, and oppression. As thousands of immigrants made Philadelphia their home, they were met with religious and ethnic prejudices.  Moderated by Charlene Mires, professor of History at Rutgers-Camden, this panel of experts examines the challenges and issues faced by the Irish as they struggled to integrate into American society.

William Still and the Pennsylvania Vigilance Committee

The Philadelphia Vigilance Committee helped runaway slaves relocate within northern Free states and Canada. Committee Chairman William Still interviewed the runaways and kept a journal documenting their escapes and experiences in bondage. This discussion, recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on October 22, 2014 featured Christopher Densmore and Phil Lapansky. It was part of a month-long celebration of Moonstone Arts Center’s Underground Railroad in Philadelphia

Canononizing Homophile Sexual Respectability: Archives, History, and Memory

In this lecture recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on October 2, 2014, Dr. Marc Stein used Philadelphia LGBT history to explore the sexual dimensions of the past when historians, librarians, archivists, publishers, and others construct and reconstruct historical narratives.

Lost in the Great War, Resurrected from the Archives

Over twenty-five hundred service people from Philadelphia lost their lives in the Great War, and each of them had a story. While some live on through their descendants, many died young with no heirs. As a result, there was no one left to remember and share the story of their lives.