Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1854, 2

                             Jan. 29/54
Jeremiah W. Smith & Julia his wife [1] arrived, from Richmond.  Jeremiah is full black; age 26_ medium size & intelligent though unable to read.  He was owned all his life by James Kinnard who was a close & severe man, though not considered in the community as a very hard one.  Jer. Had been hired out from the age of 15 years of age_ for which his owner had rec’d from $50- to $130- per annum.  In consequence of his being hired in the manner described_ the master had avoided Dr’s expences &c.  But in consequence of poor health on the part of Jer. For the last two years the condition of the master was that he should pay him $50- dollars sick or well.

       The 1st of this_  On the first of this month Jer. was to have been taken on his masters Farm for future services.  Once he was put in prison, by his owner, to be sold, but as he was suffering from an attack of the asthma, the Traders declined purchasing him.  Jer. was prompted to escape not on account of himself, but more especially on account of his wife, who was to have been taken to prison the very day that they made their escape.  Julia is of a dark brown complexion; medium size, and about 30 yrs of age.  She had been owned by A. Judson Crane for 14 yrs. had acted in the capacity of nurse, chaimbermaid, &c., the duties of which she had performed in a very faithful & satisfactory manner, according to the recommendation of her master, which he had given her to aid her in procuring a new one.  As he was, from failure, obliged to sell, Julia had always had the promise of her Mistress that she was not to be sold—that after her death She was to be free , &c.  Mrs. Crane died last Summer, in this city, on her return from Cape May where she had been, hoping to be benefited thereby, as she had been in ill health for the last 3 Yrs.  Ere the death of the Mistress however Julia had been sold to a Trader named Reed_ afterwards to John Freeland, and was again on the eve, of being sold, as above remarked.  The fault that Freeland alledged against herwas that she was unhappy for having to sleep in his house, instead of being allowed to go home to her husband, as She desired to do.  Jer. & his wife had both seen much of the cruelty of slavery & related many very heartrending Scenes which they had been familiar with_ though their own individual condition had been as they thought quite favourable, &c.
       Paid Jer. & wife’s Fare & Extra money                                                  $6.00
       C. Shorter_ carriage & Porter                                                                 .56
                             Board                                                                            3.50

[1] Jeremiah and Julia Smith departed for Canada from Philadelphia in February 1854.  Further details of their life in slavery and of their flight are contained in Still, Underground Rail Road, 141-43.

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