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HSP staffStaff may be contacted through HSP's main telephone line: 215-732-6200. Individual extensions are listed below. For archival donations, please use extension 301. We look forward to hearing from you!


Charles T. Cullen, President & CEO (213)



Lynette Zimmerman, Interim Director of Development (217)

Amanda Dean, Executive Offices Manager (214)

Monica Fonorow, Associate Director of Communications (233)

Patrick Glennon, Communications Officer

Paul Goodman, Gift Processor (264)

Jon-Chris Hatalski, Director of Institutional Giving (220)

Sarah Ruesch, Development Events Coordinator (243)

Michael Ticzon, Development Operations Manager (235)



Dennis Williams, Chief Financial Officer (254)

Joaquin Moreland-Sender, Business Operations Manager (256)


Information Technology

John Houser, Chief Information Officer (218)

Jack Shen, Help Desk Technician (218)

Caroline Hayden, Digital Services Manager (249)

Kaitlyn Pettengill, Digital Services Archivist (302)

Vicki Russo, Digitization and Metadata Specialist (201)

Andrew Williams, Imaging and Metadata Technician (201)


Library and Collections

Lee Arnold, Senior Director of the Library & Collections and Chief Operating Officer (237)

Kate Devlin, Project Conservation Technician (245)

Anthony DiGiovanni, Copy Cataloguer (266)

Shannon Hadley, Researcher (219)

Annie Halliday, Project Archival Processor & Researcher (266)

David Haugaard, Director of Research Services (219)

Sarah Heim, Assistant Director of Research Services (261)

Cary Hutto, Director of Archives (307)

Sarah Leu, Edwin Forrest Curator of Performing Arts Collections (234)

Weckea Dejura Lilly, Researcher (297)

Erin Malkowski, Project Conservation Technician (245)

Ronald Medford, Senior Research Services Associate (216)

Tara O'Brien, Director of Preservation and Conservation Services (245)

Daniel Rolph, Historian & Head of Reference Services (203)

Steve Smith, Public Services Librarian/Stacks Manager (238)



Lee Arnold, Senior Director of the Library & Collections and Chief Operating Officer (237)

Marc Glassman, Facilities Director (223)

Naeem Saleem, Maintenance Technician (242)


Programs & Services

Beth Twiss Houting, Senior Director of Programs and Services (246)

Christopher Damiani, Director of Public Programs (227)

Liyah Desher, Visitor Services Coodinator & The Art of Reintegration Project Assistant (221)

Christina Larocco, Editor of PMHB and Scholarly Programs Manager (208)

Margaret Maxey, Visitor Services Coordinator (221)

Kimberly McCleary, Education Manager (269)

Rachel Moloshok, Managing Editor of Publications & Associate Manager of Scholarly Programs (267)

Xiaojing Wu, Programs and Services Assistant (260)



Kate Tyler-Wall, Journal of the Early Republic, Managing Editor (257)