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PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) is pleased to announce the April 2017 issue of the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (PMHB) is free to read online through May 9, 2017.

This issue explores the career of Moravian snuff maker Christopher Demuth, the Civil War politics of Pennsylvania governor Andrew Curtin, and newly discovered antislavery writings of William Southeby.

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The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP), in partnership with the National Constitution Center, is opening American Treasures: Documenting the Nation’s Founding, an exhibit illuminating the founding era through priceless drafts of the U.S. Constitution, including Pennsylvania delegate James Wilson’s own handwritten drafts.


In December 1763, following years of gruesome frontier warfare, armed settlers in the Paxton Township exacted revenge on an isolated, unarmed Indian settlement, attacked the Lancaster jailhouse where refugees had taken shelter, and vowed to march all the way to Philadelphia. While these “Paxton Boys” were stopped in Germantown by a delegation led by Benjamin Franklin, their critics and apologists spent the next year battling tooth and nail in print.


Exclusively for Founder’s Award 2017, honoree James McBride will perform his quintet mix of spirituals and jazz renditions of classic gospel songs as inspired by abolitionist John Brown, a key figure in McBride’s latest novel, The Good Lord Bird (2013).


PHILADELPHIA, PA–As part of the Google Arts & Culture project, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) has created a new exhibit, The Presidency in Times of Turmoil, featuring more than 70 images from HSP's collections. 

Historic political cartoons are visual proof that political consensus has never been a feature of American political debate. When viewed critically, however, they can provide a shared base of evidence for understanding the politics of the past and present.