Founder's Award 2018 Gala Recap

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Founder's Award 2018 Gala Recap

Congratulations to Jill Lepore, winner of the Founder’s Award, and Siobhan Reardon, winner of the Heritage Award! We were delighted to celebrate the accomplishments of these honorees alongside so many of our friends and supporters.

Our festive evening on May 17, 2018, took us on a journey through history, from women’s suffrage and the Progressive Era to today’s #metoo movement. Jill Lepore and Cherri Gregg’s fireside chat was incredible and thought-provoking, and Free Library director Siobhan Reardon sent us an inspiring message from Serbia.


Thanks to enthusiastic support from our guests, this event raised funds to launch the History Makers Camp and provide additional resources for HSP’s student programs. History Makers Camp pilots in summer 2018, bringing high school students to HSP to study and map out a walking tour of critical events that occurred in African American history in Philadelphia.

With primary sources as key tools this program will take learning to a higher level. We are proud to provide the next generation with knowledge of the past so that they will have a fuller understanding of what it is to be an American.

If you weren’t able to make it but still want to support HSP, make a donation online!