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My work at HSP revolves around our manuscript collections, whether I'm processing, accessioning, researching, or paging.  And I've dealt with many collections over the past several years of all shapes, sizes, and conditions.  Because this work has become somewhat rote for me, and because so many collections regularly cross my desk, it's easy for me to overlook the unique facets of each.  Our collections, known or unknown, each have human histories and carry along with them aspects of their creators.  Two adopt-a-c


Looking for a possible research topic or a collection that might help further your current work?  Five new finding aids were recently made available in the library and online.  Click the links to view the finding aids and contact one of our librarians if you have any questions.


Whether you are joining us for the first time, or traveling here via our old Wordpress site, or just stumbling around the Internet, we welcome you!  At HSP we rung in the new year with work, and a lot of it.  Many projects were pushed to the backburner as all staff members devoted their engeries into getting this new site up and running, and we certainly hope you like what you see.