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The Cope family papers (Collection 1486) is a remarkable and almost complete collection of record documenting the family’s shipping business and related interests.  The largest portion of the papers is dedicated to the ships and the freight and passengers they carried.  Cope’s Line of Packets, which was started by Thomas Pim Cope and then handed down to subsequent generations, made over 500 voyages between the United States and England (and a few other destinations) from the 1

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I'm posting this on behalf of Michael Fiorelli.  Last week he completed a summer archival internship at HSP, and we thank him for all his hard work.  Cary.



The Magdalen Society of Philadelphia was founded in 1800 to help reform “fallen” women.  White-Williams Scholars is a funding organization in Philadelphia provides scholarships to select high school students in need.  What could these seeming unrelated institutions possibly have in common?  Read on to find out.