"Ann Clark's case," 1818

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"Ann Clark's case," 1818

PAS Papers Box 4A Manumissions
“Documents concerning court cases in which slaves were awarded freedom”

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Ann Clark Negro                                     10 mo 1818
                             To John Wright

Robert Thompson for freedom
          To this sum paid for the Laws                           $    cts
          Of the Delaware State which                            18.25
          Laws was giving to Leeds Harr
          For the use of the Society
          To Sheriff fees in said case                               36.00
          To Joseph Richardson fees
          As Cleark in the Court                                       9.70 ½ 
          To Collins carry Lawyer
          In same case                                                      4.00
          To Leeds Karr his fees as 
          An attorney in said case                                    50.00
          To my expensing taking the 
          Records from Dentore (?) toCambridge              9.00
          9 witnesses yet to pay @$5                              45
          the above bill of expenses is what                    171.95 ½ 
          have Paid and am bound to pay in
          the case of Ann Clark which was
          declared free at the court at 
          Cambridge            John Wright
          I spent 14 days in the above Case which 
          I have not received one cent
                                                          H. H. Godwinn
                   4 mo 14 1818