Phoebe, Philadelphia. 1791

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Phoebe, Philadelphia. 1791

PA Papers Box 4A Manumissions
Habeas Corpus Actions


Judge Biddle[1]
adjudication of Mulat
to Phoebe Freedom
from Excutors of Benjan Betterton[2]

Mullattoe Phoebe                }
          V                           }
Rebecca Betterton &           }        Habeas Corpus ad Subjiciendum
Joseph Howell[3] & Joseph      }
Reek Exrs of Benjamin          }        returnable before James
Betterton                          }        Biddle Esq President of the
Court of Common Pleas of Philada
County  Aug 16th 1791 __

And now August 16, 1791  On a Hearing before me at my Chamber in the City of Philadelphia it appears that the said Mullattoe Phoebe for whom the above Habeas Corpus was obtained was a free Woman and that the Indenture by which she is bound can be of no further force than till her attaining the Age of Eighteen Years, which will [marred text] fifth Day of October next ___
                                                                            [J?]Damian[?] M[?]

[1] James Biddle was the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for PhiladelphiaCounty in 1791.  He lived at 245 High Street.  Clement Biddle, The Philadelphia Directory (1791), 11

[2] Prior to his demise earlier in the year, Benjamin Betterton had been a grocer and lived at 98 Sassafras Street.  Clement Biddle, The Philadelphia Directory (1791), 10.

[3] Joseph Howell was the paymaster general of the United States in 1791 and lived at 101 Sassafras Street, immediately adjacent to Benjamin Betterton.  Clement Biddle, The Philadelphia Directory (1791), 10.