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How about a quick game of word association?  What's the first thing that pops into your head when I say the word...



When we chose the Belfield papers (Collection 3159) for the PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project, we weren't entirely sure what the processors might find in those 3 Musketeer boxes.  We only knew for certain that (1) they contained papers of members of the Wister family, the Starr family, Logan family, and Daniel Blain.


I recently finished processing the fantastic papers of Curtis Bok (Philadelphia attorney and judge) and his wife Nellie Lee Holt Bok (religious educator from Nebraska). This collection has been full of so much wonder and discovery that it’s been hard to know what to highlight – it’s all so great! – from learning about Nellie Lee’s world tour and visit with Mahatma Gandhi in 1926 to Curtis Bok’s landmark obscenity case, Commonwealth V. Gordon.