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Philadelphia has a long and storied history in the printing and publishing worlds.  Here was founded one of the nation's earliest papers mills as well as its first prominent newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette.  Ranking high among America's early publishers was Mathew Carey (1760-1839).

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The following titles on the history of the Amercan Indians and people involved with them were recently added to HSP's library.  Click on the links for more information and to find other resources in our online catalog Discover.


Are you currently researching or interested in learning more about the Acadian and Cajun cultures?  Here are a few related publications that were recently cataloged.  HSP's collections of books and manuscripts can be searched through our online catalog Discover.


Here are some more new books, covering a variety of topics, that were recently added to our library.  These and many others can be found in our online catalog Discover.


Adding to HSP's ethnic publications are the following resources.  HSP's collections of books and manuscripts are fully searchable in Discover, our online catalog.

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