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Several months back, I discussed a recently processed collection, the Vauclain family papers. Well, HSP's archives have been abuzz with processing projects of late, and a few new genealogical collections have recently been made available since then. Here's a sampling with links to our online catalog Discover


Are you interested in historic cookbooks or culinary history?  Here's a sampling of some new related books that are now in HSP's library. You can search for these and many more titles in our online catalog Discover.


If you've been keeping up with recent HSP news, you've probably seen a press release documenting records of the Parry family that we recently acquired.  These two wonderful collections, one the George F. Parry family volumes (Collection 3694) and the other of Susan Parry volumes (Collection 3695), contain interesting and in-depths glimpses into the history of medicine and veterinarian medicine in Pennsylvania during the 1800s.


Need reference sources for your research?  Check out these new books that were recently added to HSP's reference collection.  Click on the links for more information and search from more in our online catalog Discover.


HSP's collection of biographies just got bigger!  The following new titles were recently added.  You'll find these and HSP's full collection of biographical publications in our online catalog Discover.


HSP frequently adds new books to its library, and here's a sampling of some general history titles that were just cataloged.  Be sure to click the links for more information; and, as always, our collections are fully searchable in our online catalog Discover.


Several new genealogical and family history titles were recently added to HSP's library.  Click the links below and find more resources in our online catalog Discover.

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