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Tuesday, 12/1/15

Founded in 1915 as one of the first venues in the U.S. dedicated to the “dissemination, study, production, and collection of works by printmakers, American and foreign," Philadelphia's The Print Center is celebrating its centennial this fall. As the keeper of The Center's historical records, HSP will help tell the story of the organization through a new document display. The prints of pioneering female artist Violet Oakley will also be featured.

Thursday, 12/3/15
Special Event

In many of Philadelphia's ethnic neighborhoods, the Catholic church has served not only as a place of worship - the institution helped keep alive ancestral traditions and connections among newly-arrived immigrants to the United States. In the spirit of the World Meeting of Families, HSP explores this legacy through a holiday Catholic church fair. This holiday season we invite you to share the story of your church and the role it has played in your community.