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Thursday, 5/5/16
Special Event

1972: Dr. John Fryer dons an oversize tuxedo and rubber joke shop mask to become Dr. Henry Anonymous and confront the American Psychiatric Association with these words: “I am a homosexual, I am a psychiatrist.” 

Running May 5-7, 2016, at the Painted Bride Art Center217 Boxes of Dr. Henry Anonymous unearths three figures from Fryer's life; asking each to draw a portrait of the man behind the mask.

Wednesday, 5/11/16
Genealogy Workshop

Bring your lunch and we'll bring dessert to this genealogy workshop by Dr. Michael Lacopo.  A number of case studies (including several with a German-American focus) will be presented showing lesser-utilized research tactics, repositories and resources used to find information about our Pennsylvania ancestors.  This workshop is for beginners and experienced genealogists alike!

Monday, 8/1/16
Genealogy Workshop

Researching Family in Pennsylvania, a week-long genealogy course designed to explore and explain the records and repositories available to family historians researching ancestors in Pennsylvania, will take place at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) August 1 – 5, 2016.