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Thursday, 5/1/14

HSP honored presidential historian and best-selling author Michael Beschloss with the Founder’s Award at its annual gala at The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, 4/22/14

HSP will have on display a selection of its most interesting and entertaining political cartoons, many produced by masters of American political cartooning. This display also includes a special same-day printing offer on selected political cartoons in-person at HSP's Front Desk!

Thursday, 4/3/14
Lecture/Panel Discussion

The Pythians black baseball team in Philadelphia had its first full season here in Philadelphia in 1867. The Pythians' story is about more than just baseball. Their games spawned social gatherings where players and their supporters discussed segregation and voting rights.

Wednesday, 3/26/14
Genealogy Workshop

Join us for two genealogy workshops, led by German American genealogy expert James M. Beidler.

Saturday, 3/15/14

Whether you are new to or a longtime user, Ancestry Day is an event you don’t want to miss. This full day of classes will help you take your genealogy research further than ever before.

Tuesday, 3/4/14

This display will include some of the most historic and decorative family trees and genealogical charts from our collection, including a chart showing Benjamin Franklin and his 16 siblings.

Friday, 2/28/14
Lecture/Panel Discussion

The reverse underground railroad—the black market underworld in which legally free people were kidnapped and traded as slaves—has been thrust into the public spotlight with the recent release of the critically acclaimed film 12 Years a Slave

Tuesday, 2/18/14

In honor of Presidents' Day, HSP presents a selection of George Washington related materials from our collection including a first hand account of the death of Washington, and a memorabilia case that contains a lock of Washington's hair! The display also features an autographed letter, handwritten by Washington, celebrating the liberation of Philadelphia from British forces in 1778.

Wednesday, 2/5/14
Lecture/Panel Discussion

Join us as bestselling author Cokie Roberts reads from her newly released children’s book Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies. Roberts will discuss the struggles to establish a nation as seen through the eyes of our nation’s women.

Tuesday, 2/4/14
Special Event

Members of the Treasures Society and their guests are invited to a private reception with bestselling author Cokie Roberts, preceding her public lecture.

Thursday, 1/23/14
Teacher Workshop

On January 23, a Thrift Week teacher workshop invites teachers to reimagine thrift education for the 21st century.

Tuesday, 1/7/14

From Ben Franklin’s birthday on January 17 through the next week, we celebrate Thrift Week with a document display about the history of the thrift movement of the early 20th century.