Graystone Society/National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum

76 S. First Avenue
Coatesville, PA 19320

Jim Ziegler


The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum is a project of the Graystone Museum Society of Coatesville (Chester County, Pa.), which was incorporated in 1984. The mission of the National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum is "to promote an understanding of the iron and steel history of Coatesville, Chester County, Southeastern Pennsylvania and the region to audiences of all ages and interests by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting iron and steel's history and its relationship to the region and nation beyond." The vast majority of the museum's 900 linear feet of archival holdings are records of two Coatesville companies: Lukens Steel Company and G. O. Carlson, Inc. The Museum also holds technical drawings from Phoenix Iron Company; a large collection of artwork and reference materials from Klaus Grutzka, a commerical artist who specialized in industrial scenery; and a small collection of photographs, original documents, and other materials relating to Coatesville local history. Most of the Museum's archival materials date from the 20th century, with some dating to the mid 19th century.