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Stories from the Archives - Vegetarianism and the Bible Christian Society

HSP/LCP Fellow and PhD Candidate Kathryn Falvo discusses the Vegetarianism movement and the Bible Christian Society in the 19th Century. The Bible Christian society was the largest group of vegetarians in the United States.

Stories from the Archive - Mathew Cary and the Move to Stereotyping

PhD candidate in American Literature Jeffrey Makala discusses printer/publisher Mathew Carey's involvement regarding the shift from standing type to stereotype plates in the early 19th century.

Breakfast for Beginners

As part of Family History Days, GSP staff members Carol Sheaffer and Nancy Nelson discuss  the best ways for starting your family history.

Urban Maps and City Directories: Correlating Family History into Space And Time

Philadelphia has been widely documented with maps and city directories over the years.  However, we often take our city directories, find a name and address, and then move on to census or other family data without correlating that information to the geography of the land.   This presentation by Frank Southcott, recorded during Family History Days, helps understand the importance of extracting and correlating all the data maps and directories provide.

Family History In China Today: Cultural Heritage, Economic Development, Pop Cultur

China has a long tradition of kinship studies, including the compilation of genealogies.  During the Cultural Revolution, Mao had many such records burned and ancestral temples destroyed because they glorified individual families and harkened to the “feudal” past. Since China’s reforms from the 1980s, there has been a outpouring of work on family history and genealogy in new ways. The uses of Qian family history today may shed light on contemporary Chinese society, economy, and state. Presented by Dr. Cecilia Chien on March 7, 2015 as part of Family History Days.

Colonial New Jersey Research

In this lecture recorded at Family History Days on March 6, 2015, Joe Klett will provide an overview of genealogical resources at the New Jersey State Archives relevant to the colonial period, including records of the East and West Jersey Proprietors. He also discussed proprietary-period New Jersey geography, which is the topic of an upcoming publication he has prepared for The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey.