Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1854, 34

       Shot     Dec 21/54                                       Broke Jail
                                                                           Lived in a hole
____ Isaac Williams[1] safely arrived from King George County, Hampstead, Va.  Isaac is about 26 yrs of age_ dark chesnut color.  stout made & intelligent_  He had been owned by Dr James who has lately purchased him for the Southern market.  Before fallen into the hands of Dr J. he had been owned by a Mr. D. Fitchens who was a very hard man.
       Isaac left because his owner was about selling him South against his will_  Fish fled to the woods_ stayed there 2 weeks, then beeing persued was shot while fleeing_ was badly wounded, & captured, and taken to King George Jail_ was keept there for 1 month broke jail and fled again to the woods_ Dug a hole in the ground and there stayed for 3 months and then came on, having to suffer hungar, cold wet &c
       Isaac left a wife, Eliza, the names the children as follows_ Isaac, Estel Williams & Ellen_  They all belong to his old master Fitchugh
       In the wood he lived on hogs, managed to get meal_ &c

1____ Henry Banks[2] arrived from King George’s County where he fled from a Trader, Dr James of Tennesee, who was in the act of taking him south_ It happened that Henry had previously made an effort to escape only a few months before fallen into the hands of the Trader_ indeed the attempt to escape was the cause of his being sold_  In May his first effort was made_ stayed in the wood about 3 mos, then got a far as Washington_  was there captured & taken back_ was put in Fredrickburg Jail_ keep a month.  was then Sold to Georege Ailler_ was sold to Dr James after being in his hands one week_ fled from the Drin the same day he was bought_ went to the wood with Isaac refered to above_ stayed there 2 weeks_ and was then captured by being badly shot_ was put in Prison for 1 mo. and Dockered_ then broke jail_ come away_
       Henry left his Parents, Bros. & Sisters, all owned by different owners  Henry was first induced to leave because his master would not half feed him, or clothe him, nor could never do enough to please him_ wanted to whip him &c.  Henry is 19_ dark_ well made & intelligent.

1_____  Kit Nickless[3] arrived.  from King George County_ Va where he had been owned by General Washington, Farmer_ and a very hard master_ The marks of cruel treatments from the appearance of the the lash are now visible on Kits back_ His owner drank hard, consequently could not be pleased.  He left because of beatins rec’d the Friday before leaving_ K. is about 45 stout, dark &c
       Left a wife Matilda_ Three children as follows_ Sarah Ann, Jane Frances, & Ellen_ 3 years ago Kit started for his freedom but was captured_ was badly flogged &c.

[1] A more detailed account of Isaac Williams’ travails in slavery and his perilous flight to the woods is recorded in Still, Underground Rail Road, 284-86.  Isaac was accompanied into the woods by Henry Banks and later by their supportive friend, Kit Nickless.

[2] Further details of the flight of Henry Banks with his companion, Isaac Williams, into the woods of Virginia are contained in Still, Underground Rail Road, 285.

[3] Kit Nickless joined Henry Banks and Isaac Williams when they fled enslavement in Virginia.  See Still, Underground Rail Road, 285-86.

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