Why George Washington Let the Army Starve


Note from the Editor
by Sharon Ann Holt

Note from the President
by David Moltke-Hansen

Why George Washington Let the Army Starve: Necessity meets Democracy at Valley Forge
by Sharon Ann Holt

Advising the Army: The Continental Congress leads the Nation from York Town
by James McClure

Forging the Armor of Virtue
by Holly A. Mayer

E Pluribus Unum: Pluralism in the Continental Army
by Anne H. Arsenault

Window on the Collections

Book Reviews

LEGACIES for Kids: James Forten

LEGACIES for Kids: Book Reviews
by S. Chris Saad

Building a New Land: African Americans in Colonial America, by James Haskins and Kathleen Benson; illustrated by James Ransome
George Washington and the Founding of a Nation, by Albert Marrin
George Washington's Socks, by Elvira Woodruff
The Joke's on George, by Michael O. Tunnell; illustrated by Kathy Osborn
Pearl, by Debby Atwell
A Picture Book of George Washington, by David A. Adler; illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner

HSP News

Food for Thought: Family and Community History
by Susan Koelble
Food for Thought: The Role of History in African American Studies
by Earl K. Johnson Jr.

Cover image:  George Washington by Charles Wilson Peale, Courtesy of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania Collection, Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia.