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Tuesday, 10/15/13

     When I first learned of the 2014 NHD theme after beginning as the Beneficial NHD Teacher Fellow at HSP, I thought to myself “What an amazing theme for the resources of HSP!” My excitement soon turned to worry – how on Earth was I going to narrow down the topics?!  As a teacher, this was a wonderful problem to have; however, as a student, this could become an extremely daunting task.   

To assist students in their research, I created almost 40 resource guides of topics supported by the resources of HSP.  To further assist students, I have broken these topics into four sections; establish, extended, restrict and America in the World.   Topics vary and cover as diverse topics as John Dickinson and the New Nation to House Un-American Activities Commission.

The amount of resources and topics that can be supported at HSP are incredible, and I hope these resource guides assist students and make research more manageable for National History Day 2013.



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