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Visual Culture of the Civil War Available

Friday, 11/30/12

Looking for photographs, maps or prints to aid in teaching the Civil War?  HSP has quite a collection and to help you locate them more quickly, we have created "Featured" galleries.   Right now there are ten of them, and one is "Civil War Battles."  It includes prints of Fort Sumter and photographs of soldiers.  There is a map of the battle of Antietam and a fascinating series of maps outlining positions of  the Army of the Potomac from General George Meade's collection.

If you click on an image, you will go to its page in the Digital Library. From there, you can zoom in for white-board teaching or purchase a photographic reproduction for use in the classroom.  And for the holidays, all digital library images are discounted - 10% if purchased by December 10 and 15%through the holiday season if you are a HSP member.


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