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Coming Soon: Ethnic German American Genealogy Workshop

Friday, 3/21/14

As HSP's Ancestry Day excitement has begun to boil down, the intrigue and quest of genealogical inquiries remains for many! Fear not, another opportunity to learn about genealogical research lies just around the corner! A workshop on German American genealogy will take place on the evening of the 26th this month.

This program can earn PA teachers Act 48 credit as it includes two lectures about the Pennsylvania German immigration of the 18th century and the culture's unique language.  The event will be particularly perfect for those teaching  U.S., PA, or German history, as well as the stories of American emigrants.

If this is relevant right now in the classroom, or will be before the school year is out, there are a few unit plans you should take advantage of! Our unit and lesson plans, frameworked according to PA Department of Education's SAS, will guide your classroom's education of German Immigration, African Immigration, and American immigration in general. 

Don't forget to come out to HSP's workshop next week on German American genealogy!


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