What is National History Day?

National History Day (NHD) is a great program to help students practice research and critical thinking skills, elements important to their future in the workplace and school.

NHD is actually a year-long educational program proven to increase test scores and thinking skills for the thousands of middle and high school students from across the United States who participate. Each year students chose topics related to a theme.  The theme for National History Day 2015 is Leadership and Legacy in History.   Click here for topics related to this for which HSP has wonderful sources amd here for how NHD aligns with Pennsylvania Core Standards.

After researching their chosen topic, participants, individually or in a group, gain first-hand experience producing a documentary, exhibit, essay, performance, or website to submit in a local contest. The winners move on to a state competition. Those winners move on to the national competition in Washington.

NHD Philly contest March 18 - 19, 2015
NHD Pennsylvania state contest May 11-12, 2015
NHD national contest June 14 -18, 2015

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And visit HSP's pages NHD for Students and NHD for Teachers.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania supports National History Day through research assistance in the classroom and after-school,teacher professional development, and travel grants to help winners attend competitions.


Here students describe the benefits of NHD themselves!