Ethnic Weddings in America

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Ethnic Weddings in America

"Something Old, Something New. . ." continues the Balch Institute's tradition of presenting timely, interesting, and informative exhibitions on our multicultural heritage. Of the three major celebrations of the cycles of life (birth, marriage, death), weddings tend to be the most exuberant and traditional. What better place to see the blending of cultures than at a wedding? And, what better way for the Institute to illustrate cultural continuity and change than with an exhibition of the many varieties of ethnic weddings that have occurred, and still continue to occur, in this land.

We hear so much about the breakdown of the American family in our media that an exhibition on the many ways of creating a family seemed to be overdue. We hope that this exhibit will serve as a reminder, and perhaps even an inspiration, to young people to cherish their "roots" and the values and practices that go with them.

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