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More on Confederate Prisons

Thursday, 8/19/10

Archaeologists in Georgia announced yesterday that they have found the site of Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp near Millen, Georgia. You can read more about the project at Georgia Southern University's Camp Lawton web site.

As you may remember, we processed a collection earlier in the Digital Center for Americana project that included images of Confederate prisons. Previously absent from HSP's catalogs, the collection is now titled Sketches of Confederate Prisons (drawings) by Robert K. Sneden (Collection 3129).

I decided to check to see if Camp Lawton was depicted in our set of Sneden sketches. It is!

Here’s how Sneden sketched the camp in 1864:

Photograph of framed sketch of Camp Lawton

For more on HSP's collection of Sneden sketches, check out Cathleen Miller’s earlier post.

Our collection includes eight mounted wash and ink drawings, depicting not only Camp Lawton, but also prisons in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Here are a few more:

Photograph of framed sketch of Libby Prison

Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia

Photograph of framed sketch of prison on the south common of Savannah, Georgia

Prison on the South Common in Savannah, Georgia

Photograph of framed sketches of prisons in Salisbury, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina

Prisons in Salisbury, North Carolina (left) and Charleston, South Caroline (right)


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