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Fondly, Pennsylvania is a joint blog of HSP's archives, conservation, and digitization departments.  Here you will find posts on our latest projects and newest discoveries, as well as how we care for, describe, and preserve our collections.  Whether you are doing research or just curious to know more about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at HSP, please read, explore, and join the conversation!

Author: Matt Shoemaker

In my last blog post I wrote about HSP's ongoing wrestling match with its card catalog and the difficulties in converting legacy systems and data.  One thing I failed to mention is the importance of designing any information system with future data migration in mind.  This is of particular importance for an archival institution, like HSP, which has the end goal of maintaining records in perpetuity.

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Author: Dana Dorman

Archaeologists in Georgia announced yesterday that they have found the site of Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp near Millen, Georgia. You can read more about the project at Georgia Southern University's Camp Lawton web site.

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Author: Dana Dorman

I’ve been working on processing a collection of Wister family papers – now known as the Wister and Butler families papers (collection #1962) – that contain papers of Pierce Butler, his former wife Frances Anne (Fanny) Kemble, their daughters Sarah Butler Wister and Frances Butler Leigh, and many other family members.

Topics: 19th century
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Author: Leah Mackin

Last month, the Conservation Department welcomed Don Rash for a leather conservation workshop.  Rash is an esteemed fine binder and book artist who works out of Wyoming, PA.

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Author: Melissa Hozik

I never thought that when working as an Archives Intern at HSP I would come across a collection that had some personal resonance.  But when handed the Robert Proud collection to process, I learned that history can connect to one’s life in bizarre ways.

Portrait of Robert Proud

Portrait of Robert Proud, print of phototype by Gutekunst (undated)

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Author: Cary Hutto

Along with a few other collections, we recently listed our collection of records from the Women's Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WPSPCA) among our Adopt-A-Collections that you can check out in our new shop!  There you can find out more information or you can read one of our previous posts about this program.  In a nutshell, by ado

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Author: Elsa Varela

As one of the digitization technicians for the Digital Center of Americana, I come across a lot of correspondence. When I have a moment to read some of the letters I often ask myself what may have caused the writer to send this particular set of words to his loved one, family member, boss, or friend. Many times the letter I am scanning is a response to a letter that we do not have in our collection, and without having the time to research the item I am left to wonder what started the exchange.

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Author: Dana Dorman

I recently finished processing the Citizens’ Bounty Fund Committee records, another Civil War-era collection that we are working on as part of the Digital Center for Americana project.

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