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New Publications Added to HSP’s Indians of North America Collection

Thursday, 12/20/12

The following titles on the history of the Amercan Indians and people involved with them were recently added to HSP's library.  Click on the links for more information and to find other resources in our online catalog Discover.

The Experiences of a Deputy U.S. Marshal of the Indian Territory by William Frank Jones

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 1

My Experience and Investment in the Bad Lands of Dakota and Some of the Men I Met There by A. C. Huidekoper

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 2

Fort Casper (Platte Bridge Station) by Alfred James Mokler

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 3

Me and the Black Hills by Edwin H. Ryan

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 4

From the Memories of Men: The Story of an Anglo-Saxon-Celtic People from Frontier Days to Now by T.C. Smith, Jr.

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 5

Special Message of the President of the U.S. in Relation to the Ponca Indians

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 6

Tales of Apache Warfare by James M. Barney

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 7

On the Western Frontier with the U.S. Cavalry by Herman Werner

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 8

Custer's Black Hills Expedition of 1874 by Cleophas C. O'Harra

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 9

The Apache Scouts Who Won A War by D. Harper Simms

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 10

There’ll Always Be an Indian Who Killed Custer by Robert M. Utley

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 11

A Missionary Trek to Arizona by D. Harper Simms

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 12

The Fighting Norths and Pawnee Scouts by Robert Bruce

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 13

The Basket Weavers of Arizona by Alambert E. Robinson

E 77 .I41 vol. 1 no. 14

Three Letters from St. Louis by John Rowzee Peyton

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 1

Crazy Horse by E. A. Brininstool

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 2

The Military Career of Robert W. Furnas by Robert C. Farb

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 3

My Army Life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre by Frances C. Carrington

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 4

The Story of the Little Big Horn by W. A. Graham

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 5

Indian Removal: The Emigration of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians by Grant Foreman

E 77 .I41 vol. 2 no. 6


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