The Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories (HCI-PSAR) is a project of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, funded by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The goal of the project is to make better known and more accessible the largely hidden collections at small archival repositories in the five-county Philadelphia region. These include volunteer-run historical institutions, museums, fraternal and ethnic organizations, community groups, churches, clubs and other non-profit organizations with important archival collections. For more information, visit the HCI-PSAR home page.

Phase I surveying began in September 2011. The map below shows the 170 small repositories surveyed as of February 29, 2016:

  • Yellow circles = Historical societies (67)
  • Red circles = Historic sites (34)
  • Green circles = Museums (19)
  • Blue circles = Historical commissions (8)
  • Multi-colored squares = Various organizations with a non-history mission (42)

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