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Mining the Uber Sites

While there’s a galaxy of Internet sites that can help you with your German genealogy, some stars shine brighter than others – and it’s not just Ancestry and FamilySearch, although those two 500-pound canaries both have huge assets for those seeking Deutsch ancestors

Stories from the Archive: Pennsylvania Germans and George Whitefield

HSP-LCP Fellow Hans Lehman discusses Pennsylvania Germans views on George Whitefield's Revivalism in the 18th century.

Becoming U.S. - A Melting Pot or Kaleidoscope - Immigration and Discrimination

Explore the complex – and changing – notions surrounding the concepts of “citizen,” “immigrant,” and “refugee,” with leaders from various ethnic backgrounds as they discuss ways immigrants maintain cultural identities within a diverse culture.

With opening statements by Faye Allard-Glass, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Community College of Philadelphia, we will delve into the terminology used to describe the U.S. as a “melting pot” or “salad bowl.”

Scottish Emigration

Throw an egg from a bus almost anywhere in America and the chances are you’ll hit someone claims “Scots-Irish” or “Scottish Highlands” ancestry, often without understanding the terms fully, and shot through with myth as to the reasons for emigrating (persecution, clearances, etc.). The reality is that most emigration was voluntary, for purely economic gain, and from the Lowlands. The Scots were the economic migrants par excellence of their day. They came to America in various waves, for various reasons, and ended up in various places.

Introducing Grandparents to Grandchildren

Many of us are so focused on tracing our ancestry back in time that we overlook the ancestors our posterity will find most interesting—that of ourselves, our parents, and grandparents. As oral history is lost in only three generations, our grandchildren are likely to have almost no information about the lives of our own grandparents. Perhaps one of the greatest treasures we can leave our posterity is a rich description of the lives of our parents and grandparents.

Family History Days 2016: Using Find My Past

If your family has origins in the British Isles, Findmypast is a resource you should be utilizing! Learn about our incredible British and Irish collections, the advantages of using global newspapers, and get a glimpse of what is ahead for Findmypast.