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Stories from the Archives - Vegetarianism and the Bible Christian Society

HSP/LCP Fellow and PhD Candidate Kathryn Falvo discusses the Vegetarianism movement and the Bible Christian Society in the 19th Century. The Bible Christian society was the largest group of vegetarians in the United States.

Stories from the Archive - Mathew Cary and the Move to Stereotyping

PhD candidate in American Literature Jeffrey Makala discusses printer/publisher Mathew Carey's involvement regarding the shift from standing type to stereotype plates in the early 19th century.

Richardson Dilworth: Last of the Bare Knuckled Aristocrats

In a lecture recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Journalist Peter Binzen and his son, Jonathan, will discuss their new book, Richardson Dilworth: The Last of the Bare Knuckled Aristocrats.  Binzen knew Dilworth well, covering him for many years as a reporter. A politician and liberal reformer, Richardson Dilworth served as mayor of Philadelphia from 1956-1962.  Among his many achievements, his vision for the city shaped much of what we recognize about Philadelphia today: Independence Mall, Society Hill, SEPTA, and the public park system.

Breakfast for Beginners

As part of Family History Days, GSP staff members Carol Sheaffer and Nancy Nelson discuss  the best ways for starting your family history.

Genealogical Databases at HSP

As part of Family History Days, HSP Staff members Kaitlyn Pettengill, Weckea Lilly,  David Haugaard, and project volunteer Ellen Bateman discuss the new online Genealogical Databases (Encounters) now available to HSP members.

Urban Maps and City Directories: Correlating Family History into Space And Time

Philadelphia has been widely documented with maps and city directories over the years.  However, we often take our city directories, find a name and address, and then move on to census or other family data without correlating that information to the geography of the land.   This presentation by Frank Southcott, recorded during Family History Days, helps understand the importance of extracting and correlating all the data maps and directories provide.