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Resources in the Pennsylvania State Archives

This video, presented by Linda Reis, was recorded during Family History Days on March 6, 2015. Linda worked for thirty five years as head of the Processing Section at the Pennsylvania State Archives before retiring in August, 2014. She is also the editor of Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, published by the Pennsylvania Historical Association.

Would I Lie to You?

As part of Family History Days held at HSP on March 6, 2015, Carol Sheaffer and Nancy Nelson discuss how to sort through family stories and other sources to find your ancestors.

The Truth Behind Hold These Truths

This is a video recording of the event held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The program begins with a presentation by Dr. Franklin Odo, visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania. It's followed by a sneak peak of Hold These Truths, performed by local actor Makoto Hirano, a one-man show about the real life journey of Gordon Hirabayashi, the man who famously defied forcible removal and took his case all the way to the Supreme Court... twice! It concludes with a discussion between Dr.

Winter of the Soul

For many of Pennsylvania’s early German-speaking settlers, handwriting was more than a communication tool.  It was also a component of religious devotion.  Highlighting objects in the HSP collection, this presentation, by Doctoral student Alexander Lawrence Ames explores the complex relationship between Pennsylvania German spiritualism and the visual presentation of devotional texts.

Handwriting - Why We Should Care

Teaching and mastery of handwriting is under attack as being less relevant with today’s digital communication. In a program recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on January 28, 2015, Dr. Robert J. Mahar discussed a  brief review of the history and present status of handwriting, revealing the central role that cursive handwriting has served in society.

Voicing the Absent: Crafting History

In this video recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, historian Jane Kamensky, filmmaker Louis Massiah and Ain Gordon discuss the ways historians try to describe past events as they really happened. They aim at faithful representation. Yet we cannot know what others feel and think, and so historians must always take license with their subjects.