Board of Councilors

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Board of Councilors


Bruce K. Fenton, Esq., Board Chair

Timothy R. Schantz, Executive Vice Chair

Nathan K. Raab, Secretary

Majid Alsayegh, Treasurer, Vice Chair for Planning and Finance

Lori E. Cohen, Vice Chair for Institutional Advancement

Alice L. George, Vice Chair for Collections and Programs

Robert J. Rittenhouse, Vice Chair for Audit

Steven R. Klammer, Esq., At-Large Member of the Executive Committee 

David A. Othmer, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee



Paul A. E. Cummings

Peter Elkes

Senator Larry Farnese

Shanta Ghosh

William J. Green

Sandra Hewlett

Krishna Lahiri

Howard H. Lewis, Esq.

J. Rudy Lewis

Walter M. Licht

Dorothy Mather Ix

Collin F. McNeil

Gregory Montanaro

Georgiana Noll

Kevin Passerini

Sarah D. Price

Henry F. Reichner, Esq.

Tom Riley

Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr.

Jay Rose

Alice Lea Tasman

Jeffrey D. Zudeck, Esq.

Ex Officio

Scott Kuhn


Henry Lafayette Collins III

George W. Connell

David W. Maxey, Esq.

Charles E. Mather III

Harrison M. Wright